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Radius cutters

These radius cutters have one cutting edge and are especially sharp with a very low tendency to clogging. Due to the especially long undercut of the tool shanks, also undercuts in your works can be reached easily.


These cutters come in two different lengths, 35mm (compatibel with K4/K3/OEM) and 40mm (compatibel with K5/S2/S1/R5/OEM).

Cylindric single tooth cutter

The cutting edge of this cutter with flat face grinding is extremely sharp and faceted. Thus the milled edges are very smooth even at high feed rates and the risk of clogging is very low – even for plastics which tend to smear. Roughing with this milling cutter reduces the machining time.

Note: 0,6mm and 1,2mm cutters are now to be found under universal cutters

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35mm, 40mm


1mm, 2mm, 2,5mm


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