Dentaco Scanspray Stone 200ML

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Scanspray för att spraya modeller innan scanning, ger en icke reflektiv yta på modellerna, lätt att få av med t.ex ångbläster.

OBS! Denna produkt är brandfarlig och skickas enbart till kunder i Sverige.

PLEASE NOTE! This product is flammable! Only shipping within Sweden.

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Artikelnr: SPRS-200


Scanspray Stone is the ”2in1 Spray“ that provide superfine scanning and bubble-free casting.

First Function: Superfine scanning spray for the dental lab.
The scanspray stone has a special spray nozzle that provides a superfine spray cloud of spray.
Dries immediately within seconds after spraying.
Very economic and yielding: Minimum 200 applications possible. Second Function: Casting without bubbles.

Second Function: Casting without bubbles.
A small cloud of the fine spray powder removes the surface tension of the silicone.
No troublesome bubble formation when casting silicone impressions.
Alcohol sprays and other expensive, slowly drying “problem solvers” are not necessary anymore.
Immediate sight control possible. The precision of the impression remains unchanged. The casting can be continued without any break.